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W126 vs. D2: What it's like driving the A8 vs. the 300SD

For quite some years now, my main mode of transportation has been a 1982 Mercedes-Benz 300SD, a base model-plus-sunroof 3 liter turbo diesel. This represented the budget version of the Mercedes flagship sedan, if you will, but still cost as much as a small house. I am finally moving up to something slightly newer, a 1997 Audi A8 Quattro. Like the Mercedes, when it was new, its price was similar to that of a small home. There are other similarities and differences, and only recently have I had the opportunity to make any kind of comparison.


Random Drinking Game


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From: "Michael Auge" 
Subject: Agony

Here is a game that me and some of my friends (Troy, Sips, Joel) came up with. It is a variation of quarters that we call AGONY. To play you need a quarter, a shot glass, a deck of cards, a bottle of hard liquor (the more disgusting the better) and each player needs a drink. The basic rules of quarters apply:

You bounce the quarter off the table and you get it in the shot glass you get to give away a certain number of drinks.

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