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Wrong drive letter and can't boot Windows 7 after disk swap

I just got a nice Samsung EVO 850 SSD, and therefore got the chance to remove two spinning disks from my PC. But in order to make this happen, I had to move Windows to the SSD I had in my PC already. So I mounted the new SSD and formatted it ext4, and transferred Linux without a hitch. Then I booted up and used gparted to transfer Windows to the old SSD I'd just vacated, and it wouldn't boot. I thought these problems were over? I used my Linux install (with vmware player) to fix the problem just as I had used it (with gparted) to copy Windows from one volume to another.

Random Drinking Game


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Date: Sat, 9 Jan 1999 05:51:39 EST
Subject: Here is a drinking game you might what to check out

Hello.. I was reading your web page on drinking games! Me and some friends love playing bullshit but you play alot different than we do. Maybe you will like this way if not I just thought I would tell you it! OK.

Things you need: people and drinks

OK, Everyone stands in a circle and everyone picks a color! Make sure everyone knows their color! OK so say we have Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, and Brown!

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