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On the term "Open Source"

The internet runs on Open Source Software. But what does "Open Source" mean, and where did the term come from? It's still unclear what the actual origin was, but one thing is certain: the term predates claims by members of the Open Source Initiative. I reached out to Lyle Ball, CEO of NetEndeavor and former head of public relations at Caldera for his opinion on the subject, and he was kind enough to provide a substantial and informative response.

Random Drinking Game


Game Type: 
Boot Factor: 
From: "Thomas Mercer" <>
To: <>
Subject: Nickels

Supplies:cards, a nickel, people, and any type of booze
This is a real good game that will get you real tanked.

The dealer takes the nickel and puts it under his beer or cup, then calls out a suit and deals the cards out to everyone at the table until the suit called is dealt to someone. That someone has to drink the numerical amount of the card (face cards are ten and aces are fifteen).

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