Migrated to D7; displaying images

After some deliberation I decided that it was finally time to move to Drupal 7. Most of the modules I use have been ported, and I figured I could hack my way around the rest. While there's substantially more hacking to be done, I have a fairly good handle on it so far. There were more complications than I expected, however.

How to improve software on Magellan Maestro 4050

As I now own a Magellan Maestro 4050, which unlike my 4250 has bluetooth and a headphone jack, I decided to upgrade the software. After hunting around a little I found Miopocket 4.0, a complete shell replacement for WinCE 4.x through 6.x GPS devices including smartphones with touch. It implements an iPhone-like interface and provides dozens of utilities, apps, and games.

Ford F250 3G Alternator Upgrade

As a veteran owner of used vehicles, I am more than a little used to encountering automotive problems. When my Ford's charging system idiot light began to flash at low RPMs, I knew I had a serious problem coming my way. When it picked up to doing it on a regular basis, I realized that the problem had arrived, and unless I wanted to be buying a pair of deep-cycle batteries, I should find a solution, probably in the form of an alternator replacement. After doing a little research, I decided to install a later-model Ford alternator.


I had bent my right front stock steel wheel on my 1993 Impreza, so I decided to get some new wheels. Buying one wheel is kind of silly when they are (or should be) cheap, and fourteen inch wheels suck anyway so I was planning to get some 15" steel wheels from a Forester. These look kind of like alloys, and they're bigger than the stock wheel so you can run a lower sidewall. So I call up my local Subaru recycler, Subaru & Suzuki Auto Recycling (they do Kia too) and asked them what it could cost to get four Forester steel wheels.

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